Distributors of lighting units

Next to the production and distribution of our brand tossB, we distribute Spanish brands Parachilna & B.Lux as well as the Italian brand disegnoluce in the BENELUX. On the other hand, nosta is our other brand. Designed and hand-assembled in our workshop in Bruges, with a focus on timeless and classical surface treatments such as bronze, brass and nickel.

About B.Lux

B.lux, located in the Basque Country, is a leader in the production and release of contemporary design lamps. Design and its status as a manufacturer constitute the cornerstones of its organizational strategy.

we care for interior and nature
Functional & Innovative design
Painstaking manufactured & designed
Timeless and lasting product
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About parachilna

Dedicated to decorative lighting, PARACHILNA was born from our love of luxury. For them, luxury is about the integrity of the design, the quality of the materials and the artisanal craftsmanship that creates it. Preserving the skills and knowledge of the few remaining metalsmiths, glass blowers, ceramists and other skilled craftsmen in Europe and, hopefully, in the rest of the world.

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About nosta

Nosta is a Belgian lighting company that embraces a tradition of craftmanship. Each product is hand-assembled in our workshop in Bruges. Developing high quality and sustainable design fixtures is the strength of the brand.

About disegnoluce

Disegnoluce was founded in 1987 in Gambellara, a small rural village in the shadow of Vicenza, famous for its palaces and villas. It is a brand with guts, each year they introduce a new armature with surprising design or function. Most designs are the work of the founder and owner Andrea Bastianello.